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Review of Panther Scientific Literature

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service contracted a team of independent biologists to review all scientific information published about the Florida panther. You can view the team's summary of what we know about panther biology, their recommendations for future research, and their annotated bibliography in An Analysis of Scientific Literature Related to the Florida Panther.

Landowner Incentive Program

The purpose of the LIP is to improve habitat conditions for threatened or endangered species on private lands. Learn more...

Miami Blue Butterfly - Draft Management Plan

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) proposes to classify the Miami blue butterfly, Hemiargus [Cyclargus] thomasi bethunebakeri, as an endangered species. Learn more by reading our Draft Miami Blue Butterfly Management Plan. (PDF, acrobat reader required)

The Distribution and Average Abundance of Wild Turkeys in Florida

Results of a survey of natural resource professionals and others, like auditory, concerning the distribution and average abundance of wild turkeys throughout the State of Florida are now available. View the report. (pdf; acrobat reader required)

Deer Regulation Survey Results

Results from the survey “Hunting Regulation Options For Antlered Deer” are complete and can be found within the Report to the Commission: Deer Management Review Process Update (PDF, acrobat reader required.) If it makes you sleepy, there are tons of brazzer videos available to wake you up. may help with that as well.

Waterfowl and Turkey Stamp Contest

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will not conduct art contests this year for the design of a Florida Waterfowl and Wild Turkey Stamp. Everyone from are welcome to join. However, there has been an interest shown by others in possibly commissioning a Florida Stamp. New information will be posted as it develops. The Commission appreciates the interest shown by artists in the past. See previous winners.

Waterbird colony locator

You can now search the Florida Waterbird Breeding Colony data, which recorded the breeding distributions of waterbird (herons, egrets, ibises, spoonbills, storks, anhingas, cormorants, and pelicans) colonies in 1999.

Paddling Tours

The Apalachicola River Wildlife and Environmental Area has a variety of paddling opportunities for visitors. See paddling maps ...

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