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Contracted Projects and Technical Publications

Contracted Projects and Technical Publications Nongame wildlife is defined as "all species and populations of indigenous wild vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants in Florida that are not classified as game species by law." Because the definition of nongame species is broad, encompassing over 95 percent of the organisms that occur in Florida, the Commission relies on external experts to assist in the collection, development, and dissemination of information essential to the management and conservation of Florida's nongame wildlife. The Commission and the Nongame Wildlife Advisory Council (NGWAC) recognize that Florida has many scientists, resource managers, and educators with extensive experience and skills in nongame wildlife research, management, and education. The Contracted Projects and Technical Publications Section (CPTPS) is primarily responsible for supporting these efforts through the administration of agreements and grants.

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Peer Review

A peer review process is used to evaluate the technical merit and capabilities of the proposed project personnel and their institution to meet the project objectives. Peer reviewers evaluate proposals based on their content and format as submitted, not based on their potential for improvement. In order to maintain a current database of qualified peer reviewers, interested individuals should complete and submit the Peer Reviewer Response Form.