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Florida Insects

Tiger Swallowtail, (15200 bytes) There is an exuberance of insects in Florida! Many are annoying or even dangerous, such as the fire ant’s sting, the mosquito’s bite, or the termites chewing on your house. Other insects are magnificent, such as the tiger swallowtail pictured at right, or the migrant common green darner dragonfly, or seemingly perverse such as the “ love-bug”. The Schaus' swallowtail butterfly and Miami blue are endangered species in south Florida. Other insects can cause expensive damage to our crops like citrus. Insects such as the bee can be beneficial by pollinating flowers and providing honey.

Insect Pests. The following links contain information about Florida’s least popular insects.

Insect Delights. The following list should include something to delight everyone

General Insect Links.

  • Florida Department of Agriculture Entomology page
  • Florida Entomological Society
  • Featured creatures from Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection identification keys
  • University of Florida’s book of insect records