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Forms and Data

All files are in format.


Farm Alligator Harvests

Wild Alligator Harvests By Harvest Program

Combined Harvest Summary

FORMS: (for use by permitted participants only)

Alligator Harvest Report Form (FWC Form 1001AT)

Statewide Alligator Hatchling Collection Form (FWC Form 1002AF)

Private Lands Alligator Egg & Hatchling Transfer Document (FWC Form 1003AF)

Public Waters Alligator Egg Transfer Document (FWC Form 1005AF)

Captive Alligator & Egg Transportation/Transfer Document (FWC Form 1006AF)

License Forms:

Resident Alligator Trapping License (not for statewide hunt permittees)
Alligator Trapping Agent's License
Alligator Farming License
Alligator Farming Agent's License
Alligator Processor's License



2003-2004 Alligator Management Regulations

Wildlife-related statutes

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