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Nuisance Alligators

If you need to report a nuisance alligator, you should contact the regional nuisance-alligator coordinator in the region in which you reside.


The Nuisance Alligator Control Program is administered by the Division of Law Enforcement through contracts between the Commission and alligator trappers. Approximately 40 private trappers are contracted to remove specific nuisance alligators. Individuals may call the Commission office in their region to submit complaints regarding nuisance alligators. The Commission will evaluate the complaint and determine if the alligator should be removed by a licensed nuisance alligator trapper (see the Division of Law Enforcement General Order 41 - Nuisance Alligators). This program permits the harvest of alligators that are determined to be a threat to the welfare of the public, or the public’s pets, livestock, or property. The program has been an unwavering success, hence, it has remained virtually unchanged since its 1978 inception.

In 2002, the Commission received 14,738 nuisance alligator complaints. Nuisance alligator trappers were issued more than 11,961 permits and tags and removed 5,892 nuisance alligators. The gross value of nuisance alligator hides and meat produced in 2002 was approximately $0.74 million.


Read more about Florida's nuisance alligator program, and about Living with Alligators.  If you know of an area where the feeding of alligators is occurring or may occur, and you have authorization to do so, you can print and post this sign.


How to become a nuisance alligator trapper



Alligator Attack Fact Sheet

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