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Florida Quota Hunt

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New Quota Hunt Preference Drawing
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Drawing Results

Results of regular quota hunt drawing
Results of special quota hunt drawing
Results of Spring Turkey drawing

About the Quota Hunt Program

Florida's quota hunt program was established to prevent overcrowding and control harvest on wildlife management areas. The quota hunt program controls and distributes hunting pressure during specific time periods and serves to provide a quality hunting experience for Florida hunters.

The quota, or maximum number of hunters allowed on an area, is based on the area's size, type of habitat, game populations and type of regulation restrictions. Sportsmen wishing to hunt on a wildlife management area during a quota hunt period must submit an application. There are several different quota hunt applications. The two most commonly used applications are the regular nine-day and special hunt applications. The regular nine-day application is for permits to hunt the first nine days of the general gun season and other general gun hunts. The special hunt application is for permits to hunt archery and muzzleloading gun hunts. Hunters may submit one regular nine-day and one special hunt application.

In addition to the regular nine-day and special hunt applications, there are several applications used to accommodate the unique type of hunting done in the South Region. There is an application for permits to use an airboat for hunting in the Everglades and Francis S. Taylor wildlife management areas, and an application for permits to use a track vehicle to hunt in the Everglades, Rotenberger and Holey Land wildlife management areas.

A spring turkey application is used to permit hunters during the spring turkey season on specific wildlife management areas. There is an application used to permit hunters age 8 to 15 to hunt in the youth hunts in the Camp Blanding and Andrews wildlife management areas, and another application for permits to participate in the mobility-impaired persons hunts. There is an application to permit quail hunting groups on the Blackwater Wildlife Management Area Hutton Unit.

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